Compare Residential Energy Plans

Choosing an energy plan doesn’t have to be confusing. Whether you prefer the security of a locked-in rate or the flexibility of a variable plan, compare our plans in the chart below to find one that’s perfect for you. 
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Overview Pay the same amount for 12 months, regardless of changes in the weather or the price of gas.  
Set your price per therm for the next 12 months.
Enjoy both protection in the event natural gas prices rise with a guaranteed maximum price per therm and the flexibility of paying a lower price per therm if market prices on the plan decrease.
Enjoy a combination of flexibility and price protection. Half of your monthly usage is billed at a fixed price for one year; the other half is a variable rate based on current market prices. 
Pay a month-to-month rate, determined monthly, and based on prevailing natural gas market prices.  
Renewal Period 12 Months 12 Months 12 Months 12 Months Monthly
  • Protects you from unpredictable weather and fluctuating gas prices
  • Know exactly what you’re paying each month
  • Makes setting a household budget easy; no unexpected adjustments for 12 months
  • Fixed therm rate offers price certainty
  • No enrollment fees and no monthly administrative charges


  • Enjoy a guaranteed price per therm and, unlike fixed price plans, don’t be stuck with one set price if natural gas prices on the plan go down
  •  Plan includes a $1.99 monthly administrative charge


  • Fixed/variable rate offers some price certainty and some flexibility
  • Easily change to another plan 
Billing One convenient, monthly gas bill from us

Included on your Nicor Gas bill in Nicor territory; one convenient, monthly gas bill from us in Peoples Gas and North Shore Gas territories

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